Board of Directors, Committees, and Clubs

The WRN HOA Board exists to protect and further the mutual interests of all WRN homeowners by taking those actions necessary to provide for an exceptional quality of life for its residents and foster pride of ownership among its homeowners.

Board of Directors

  • Meghan Llewallyn – President
  • Desiree Ellsworth – Vice President
  • Chad Parramore – Treasurer


Committee Members:

Welcome committee- Sherry Glover, Reba Heard, Elizabeth Davis

Social Committee-Elizabeth Davis, Scarlett Merriman, Crystal Nix

Newsletter – TBD

Tennis committee-Lenny Amodio

Landscaping committee-Tosha Murphy, Sherry Glover,Crystal Nix

Architectural Committee- Carlotta Haymer (chairperson), Jack Cali, Debbie Ross, and Danille Williams

Webmaster-Kirk Inman