Approval Request Form

Common Misunderstandings Regarding the Property Project Approval Requirements

  • A literal application of the Covenants requires ANY and ALL exterior home and landscaping projects to be approved by the ACC prior to the work being performed.
  • Reusing a color or material on your home DOES require ACC coordination prior to the work being done. There are colors and materials that need to be eliminated from the neighborhood.
  • The ACC is under no obligation or requirement to approve a request because a like request was approved by the Committee in the past.
  • The ACC is allowed no less than 30 days from the date of submission to review property improvement project requests; if work commences before that period expires, the homeowner is subject to a fine. Starting a project without ACC approval does not increase the likelihood that the project will be approved. The homeowner will have to undo all unapproved work.

Click on the appropriate icon to view the ACC Project Approval Request Form; right click on the icon to save the blank form to your computer.

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