Tennis Court Usage Policies

Walker’s Ridge North Tennis Court Rules – 2013

  • Only homeowners in good standing and their guests are allowed to use the tennis courts. The homeowner must be present when guests are using the courts.
  • Only non-marking court shoes may be worn on the courts. No hard-soled shoes, black-soled shoes, or shoes of any kind that mark the court are allowed.
  • No bicycles, roller skates, in-line skates, or skateboards allowed on the courts. The courts are for tennis only.
  • Persons using the courts are responsible for locking the gate and turning off the lights, when they are the last players to leave the courts.
  • No profanity is allowed. Proper tennis etiquette must be observed at all times on the courts and in the adjacent viewing areas.
  • Respect sign-up court reservations before taking the courts.
  • Tennis lights are for tennis play no sooner than 30 minutes prior to sunset.
  • Tennis hours are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please be considerate of the surrounding neighbors by keeping the noise level down.

Tennis Court Reservation Guidelines

  • Only homeowners in good standing may reserve courts.
  • A court can be reserved up to twenty-eight (28) days ahead of the reservation time.
  • Courts can be reserved for up to two hours for singles play or three hours for doubles play.
  • If the players are not at the reserved court within ten minutes of the reserved start time, the reservation is forfeited.
  • Failure to promptly yield the court to players that have properly reserved a court can lead to suspension of tennis court privileges for the homeowner that fails to yield.

Note: Tennis teams that are based at WRN (ALTA, USTA, or other) have standing court reservations during scheduled league matches. During the fall and spring seasons, WRN ALTA teams normally have scheduled home matches on three or four Saturday mornings and three or four Sunday afternoons in each season. In the winter and summer seasons, home matches are normally scheduled three or four Saturday mornings during each of those seasons. Current league schedules will be posted to allow neighbors sufficient opportunity to make plans for weekend use of the courts.